SMI Experiment Center 360 download link

Link to download Experiment Center and Begaze from SMI.

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  1. jay prakash says:

    Dear Sir,
    i am using iViewX2.8 and trying to extract data from be-gaze 1.0 but it is not working is it possible or not if yes please let me know.

    Thank You

  2. kami says:

    I should start by saying that I do not work for SMI and my “expertise” comes from using their system for several months on a project. If you are having issues you should contact the sales person who sold you the machine and they should put you in contact with a technical assistant.

    It is theoretically possible to extract data from iView, however, every time I tried it I ended up crashing the machine. It is much easier to import the files into the Begaze software and then use it to export csv data.

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