Guide to online privacy

Nice page on privacy resources.

Who is responsible for securing confidential information?

Interesting article

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill found out last year that, in 2007, someone had hacked into a server holding personal information of 180,000 mammography patients from around the state. . . . . The university tried to fire — and is still trying to punish — the researcher who was in charge of the information.

Basically the school is trying to punish the researcher for failing to keep the data secure and the researcher is claiming that security isn’t her expertise. She did everything she knew to do but the university could have done a better job of providing her with support for keeping confidential information secure.

A resolution has been reached. The Professor in question is being reinstated as a full professor provided that she voluntarily retires.

Fun security ideas

Can you spot all the security issues with this messy desk?

Its an interesting way to make security more “fun” by challenging people to think and find the problems instead of lecturing them about what to do right.

Security Conference Rankings

Guofei Gu at Texas A&M University has a nice list of security conferences and what he believes their rankings are.

Current online privacy laws

The service DeleteMe (@_DeleteMe_) has a nice Your Privacy Rights page about current and upcoming laws concerning computer related privacy.

DeleteMe is a service that assists people with deleting information online. Their webpage lists Facebook accounts and Myspace accounts as common requests along with getting added to the US national Do Not Call list.