Educational Materials

Below is a list of different educational materials that teach security and privacy concepts.

  • Copyright – The EFF created a set of lesson plans for teaching copyright law to students. The materials include information on fair use and the different ways you can use and share other people’s work legally.
  • Hacker High School – A set of materials for teaching computer security skills to high school age students.
  • Anti Phishing Phil – A small flash game designed to teach people of all age levels how to tell the difference between good links and bad links. The idea is to help people detect phishing attacks. For example you might get a fake email that claims to be from PayPal and asks you to click on a link like this one: Unfortunately isn’t the same as
  • Elevation of Privilege: The Threat Modeling Game -A game designed by Microsoft to help people think about how a computer system is designed and how it might be vulnerable. This game is targeted more at software engineers or students who are learning to make secure software systems.

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