Publicly avalible datasets

I teach a class on Processing, which is a simplified version of Java designed to enable people to easy create graphics. My class focuses on data visualization. Below is my list of publicly available data sets which I encourage my students to use in their visualizations.


IMDB is a website that maintains a list of movies, actors, actresses, and information about them. They offer a set of downloadable information sets. The sets can be a bit challenging to parse though, so there also exists some Perl parsing scripts.


StackOverflow has a list of publicly available data sets.

Drawing trees in Processing

I’ve been looking at different ways to draw trees (the kind found in forests) using the Processing language. Below are some of the good examples I found online.

Tree example

Simple examples of a tree in processing.


This sketch lets the user plant trees which then quickly grow and randomly branch. When the tree is tall enough it also blossoms with flowers.


This is a representation of the tree of life. The tree is written in processing and allows a user to explore different species and how they are related to each other. The tree lets you follow different branches to learn more about a species. It also provides links to Wikipedia to learn more.

OpenProcessing Tree Generation

A collection of different tree generation Processing sketches.

3D tree at OpenProcessing