City jobs require surender of logins and passwords

As part of their job application process the city of Bozeman Montana requires applicants to surrender login names and passwords to all social networking sites they are involved with. The list of sites includes Google, Yahoo, MySpace and Facebook. Supposedly this is so that the city can do a background check and determine that “the people that we hire have the highest moral character.” Read the article for full details but here is my favorite quote:

“You know, I can understand that concern. One thing that’s important for folks to understand about what we look for is none of the things that the federal constitution lists as protected things, we don’t use those. We’re not putting out this broad brush stroke of trying to find out all kinds of information about the person that we’re not able to use or shouldn’t use in the hiring process,” Sullivan said.

Update: Bozeman has decided to change their hiring practices and has apologized for the “honest mistake.”

Update: Looks like North Carolina does the same thing.

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